SmarterCAD is our solution for creating and implementing a spec for the AutoCAD usage, which

provides two major improvements to AutoCAD users:

  1. Standardizing how AutoCAD users “communicate”/deliver their data


In our world, most of the CAD drawings participate in a process / workflow (from sketch to a final approved drawing) as an interaction between different users.  A standard keeps the data integrity as well as the ability to “understand” automatically what any object means and also being able to ingest the CAD data in in  an automated process into other environments utilizing Geospatial Data Base capabilities.

   2. Shortening the drawing processes in AutoCAD; elevating data integrity and interoperability


SmarterCAD is an extension installed in AutoCAD and provides a simple UI for fast implementation.

SmarterCAD is comprised of two solutions: SmarterCAD Designer & SmarterCAD Drawer

SmarterCAD Designer

The software where Specs and data schemas are created

  • DataBase customization per Spec

  • Customization of the DWG file including the definition of:

    • Layers

    • Blocks

    • Symbology

    • Attributes visibility

    • Leaders derived from attributes

  • The server that hosts the operation can manage a wide range of specs

  • The server is reachable to assigned users

  • The server side of the operation can be managed as a cloud based solution or on premise

Spec definition eng
Spec definition eng

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SmarterCAD Pro4 Layer Attributes_Eng
SmarterCAD Pro4 Layer Attributes_Eng

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SmarterCAD Pro1
SmarterCAD Pro1

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Spec definition eng
Spec definition eng

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SmarterCAD Drawer

An extension to AutoCAD which is a complementary software to SmarterCAD Designer. Drawer provides a user interface that enables
a fast and reliable drawing process to meet the required spec.

  • An embedded extension to AutoCAD or similar programs

  • Implements the rules designed in SmarterCAD Designer via a dedicated GUI

  • Provides GIS capabilities like using a synchronized Data Base table to a layer which enables query and filter operations 

  • Ability to update simultaneously a field in many rows

  • Flexible placement of leaders and  annotations

  • QI capabilities . Performing topology inspections according to rules defined in SmarterCAD Designer