GIS and CAD integration


Our Incentive 

As GIS veterans we've encountered in projects we've been involved with many occasions where we've needed to invest precious time in order to produce GIS data out of CAD files.

Our solutions are aimed to provide the means to simplify yet to enable faster yet reliable process for bridging between the CAD and the GIS environment for the benefit of a smoother interoperability between  the different stakeholders.

in order to achieve we believe that first of all we have to adopt the concept of using specs in our CAD environment. It will benefit the user at least in two main issues:

  •  Constructing order in house

  •  Enabling "a common language" with the GIS environment. 

GIS - WIZ tackles these issues with sets of solutions.

  • SmarterCAD - for the AutoCAD users

  • Import DWG - for the ArcGIS for Desktop users

  • Export DWG - for the ArcGIS for Desktop users

GIS-WIZ offers a holistic solution that provides the capability to both construct and implement the Spec in a Spatial SQL.  It also offers an extension embedded in AutoCAD for its implementation via the usage of a dedicated GUI.

Keeping the methodology consistent as provided in our SmarterCAD solution ensures a smoother and more efficient working environment, which ultimately leads to a faster ROI.