GIS -WIZ,  LUCIAD Agent in Israel offers a modern concept of maintaining a wide range of situations via Luciad platforms in the geospatial environment.

LUCIAD provides state of the art concept that enables its users to get Geospatial insights in real time in a 5D environment X,Y,Z, Time and any managed field in the Data Base. Luciad enables its users to preform advanced visual analytics that unlock the potential of real time location intelligence and creates the foundations for next generation geospatial systems.

From safeguarding critical assets to creating the digital infrastructure for smart cities, we help users implement intuitive command and control systems. Luciad customers can rely on our high performance visualization that allows them to implement scalable solutions. Luciad enables fusing data in a centralized screen from a wide range of data sources with no need for preprocessing.

LUCIAD is used worldwide as a holistic approach for BIG DATA visualization and analysis combining a wide range of data sources fused into a centered operational picture. It is used as a core analysis engine by the leading defense solutions providers for NATO, USA Defense Forces, Air Control systems, Utilities and more.
3D in LuciadRIA (web Server)
Car accidents implementation in RIA
Climate  analytics 
4D work permits analytics in Luciad Lightspeed
Lidar Data fused in LuciadRIA (web Server)
Smart Agriculture intergrated with SAP
OSINT data derived from Janes implemented in LUCIAD
UAV real time draping
LuciadRIA 2018
LuciadLightspeed 2018
LuciadFusion 2018