GIS-WIZ ​has developed extensions to the ArcGIS for Desktop Basic, in order to improve the functionality for the end user. Our extensions include:

  • Import and Export of detailed DWG files

  • Topology tools 

  • Cross Cut that provides a CAD engineering styled output 

We have created CAD to ArcGIS, ArcGIS to CAD, and EGS solutions.


This extension embedded in the ArcGIS PRO enables fast migration from DWG into the Geo Data Base via a simple interface.

It provides the means to structure the mechanism of transferring data managed in DWG Blocks into a meaningful database. The interface provides capabilities to connect fields based in the CAD file into fields and even domains in the data base. The operator can then combine different CAD layers into one GIS layer where the source layer becomes another attribute in the GIS data..

The operator can save the "migration schema" for future operations.


This extension embedded in the ArcGIS PRO enables fast migration from ESRI Data Base into the DWG via a simple interface.

This extension enables the creation of a real DWG file including the construction of blocks with assigned attributes derived from the GIS data.

The operator can choose which fields to convert. He can also choose the appropriate symbol to the block from a symbol library in his possession and the positioning of the chosen attributes.

Enterprise GIS Solution (GIS)

EGS is our management environment that enables holistic GIS implementation for organization that want to improve their operational capabilities. EGS uses the ESRI line of products as its geographic engine.