GIS and CAD integration



SmarterCAD is our solution for creating and implementing a spec. It was developed in order to provide two major improvements to  AutoCAD users:

  1. SpecCreator Standardizes the way AutoCAD users “communicate”/   deliver their data. In our world, most of the CAD drawings   participate  in a process / workflow (from sketch to a final approved   drawing) as an interaction between different users.  A standard   keeps the data integrity as well as the ability to “understand”   automatically what any object means and also being able to ingest   the CAD data in seconds in other environments utilizing Geospatial   Data Base capabilities.

   2. SmarterCAD Shortens the drawing processes in AutoCAD and                   elevates the data integrity as well as its interoperability.                               SmarterCAD is an extension installed in AutoCAD and provides                 a simple UI for fast implementation.


   3. A SmarterCAD user selects a spec defined in the SpecCreator                   which provides the Layers, Blocks Symbology and assigned fields.           Since we provide Spatial Sql Express with the installment the user             can refer to lookup tables / domains. Also the UI provides GIS                   capabilities such as seamless integration between graphical                     objects in a layer and the data table. The table enables filtering,                 queries, fast data feeding of data to fields in selected rows.









As for interoperability SmarterCAD provides the means to export               data to CSV, XML and GeoJSON 

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