GIS-WIZ has 20+ years of cooperation in developing and integrating solutions primarily working
with public and private utility service companies across local, regional and national contexts.

The following organizations continue to use the system that we have developed:

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Tamar Water
Halperin Felus
Galil Elyon
Misgav Regional Council
Western Galilee Cluster
אשכול גליל מזרחי לוגו.png
Eastern Galilee Cluster

Dan was in charge for the RFI demands, wrote the tender and participated in the process of choosing the company to deliver a holistic GIS implementation to a wide range of departments of the Misgav Regional Council. We were fully satisfied with his expertise and his cooperation with the different departments.

Reli Dahan, Misgav Reginal Council - CTO

During 2019, Dan was in charge of defining the RFI for a GIS solution aimed to support the Western Galilee Cluster and 12 municipalities that participate in the cluster. Dan led us in an unfamiliar territory and helped us in the process including writing the tender, participating in the selection of the best offer. During the process, Dan demonstrated a wide knowledge in GIS and in existing technologies. Dan will support us in the implementation process as our GIS expert.

Tal Cohen, Western Galilee Cluster Project Manager

Director of Strategy and Innovation Planning Division