GIS-WIZ, founded and run by two professionals, has cooperated on projects for 20+ years.

We mainly work with in cooperation with utility companies in developing and integrating solutions.

We also have experience working with the public and private sector across
different local, regional and national contexts.


For nearly 10 years, GIS-WIZ founders have led the GIS operations of the Tahal,
and we have developed systems currently operating in Jerusalem's main water utility,
HaGihon, the ICL Group, and in several projects across Africa and India.

Our Vision

GIS-WIZ strives to provide solutions that will benefit the
GIS community in several aspects:

  • Improve data construction in the CAD environment

  • Improve interoperability between CAD and ESRI through the import/export toolbar in ArcGIS

  • Provide holistic management solutions for organizations that
    use the ESRI line of products

  • Offer real time analytics for BIg Data in 2D and 3D

In sum, our goal is to improve your company's productivity and decision making.

& Services

Our tools are developed mainly in the .Net environment.

We focus on the ESRI and AutoCAD line of products, though we also operate in Open Source GIS. Our emphasis is in big data and 3D capabilities.

GIS - WIZ  concentrates on 4 major subjects:

  • Developing Add-ons to Autodesk's and ESRI's desktop solutions

  • Providing a management environment "on top" of the ESRI solutions for complex GIS activities

  • Providing consultancy and data migration services to organizations in the GIS environment

  • Agents of Luciad including solutions' development and implementation